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  • Picture of oil filtration system Dimensional drawing of standard filtration system

    Retrofit Oil Filtration System

    The retrofit oil filtration system is designed to be installed on all Load Tap Changer (LTC) models to remove carbon and metallic particles produced during normal LTC operation, keeping oil in peak condition with minimal maintenance. Features: Easy to...

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  • Photo of OF2 with cabinet door open OF2 dimensional drawing

    LTC Oil Filtration System - 2nd Gen

    Reduce oil-related maintenance costs and improve reliability!  The Second Generation oil filtration systems are designed to be installed on most LTC models to remove carbon and metallic particles produced during normal LTC operation, keeping the oil...

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  • Picture of front of N2-T with lid closed Picture of N2-T with lid open

    N2 System - Transport

    The N2-T system consists of: 2-stage regulator with a 4000 PSIG bottle pressure gauge, to take the bottle pressure of ~3000 PSIG down to 7 PSIG 3rd stage regulator to take the 7 PSIG output of the 2-stage regulator to a factory-set regulated pressure of...

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  • Picture of MN2 with door open Photo of MN2 installed in the field

    Mini Nitrogen Regulation System

    The Mini Inert Air System (MN2) is our lightweight, compact, and inexpensive N2 pressure regulating device for virtually all transformer oil preservation applications. Features: Three-stage pressure reducer adjustment Pressure regulators and valve to...

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  • 3D model of panel drawing with reference dims

    N2 System Regulator Panel Retrofit

    Replace all major components in most OEM systems -- regulators, gauges and control block. SPX Transformer Solutions' replacement regulator panels utilize a three-stage pressure gauge to monitor low gas supply, low and/or high tank pressures. Features: ...

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  • 3D model of panel drawing showing reference dimensions

    N2 System Regulator Panel

    Our positive pressure inert air systems are designed to protect transformer oil in the main tank from oxidation and moisture absorption by keeping tank pressure at proper preset levels. The N2-P is a replacement panel for your existing N2-0, N2-1, or...

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  • Single Column Breather front left side view Single Column Breather front right side view

    Single Column Breather

    The economical solution for all your breather needs!  Using the same technology as our proven dual column design, this breather efficiently dehydrates the air coming into your transformer, then regenerates the desiccant while the transformer is not...

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  • N2Gen with cabinet door open Front view of N2Gen assembly with door closed

    Nitrogen Generator

    Patented Waukesha® Nitrogen Generators were designed for use on transformer main tanks, tap changers, breakers and any other electrical device requiring a nitrogen gas-blanketed enclosure. This robust system offers a controlled environment to ensure...

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  • Dual Column Breather front view Dual Column Breather back left view

    Dual Column Breather

    The Dual Column Breather provides a continuous stream of dry air to a transformer, regardless of the amount of moisture being absorbed.  This feature allows customers to standardize on one breather to support every transformer on their system,...

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